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The best surrey catering team arroundBuffets by Design is proud to be one of the leading caterers in Surrey. Deliver proven track record of catering for weddings and funerals and all manner of different business and corporate events. What makes us stand out from the crowd of caterers desirability to match your specific requirements. We treat each event is uniquely and with the attention that it deserves realising that often the success of the day can often be gauged on the level of service with the catering provided.

We provide catering in Surrey to the service level that we would expect any event that we attend. We have the experience in the knowledge to make sure that unforeseen issues can be managed appropriately without raising any concern to the hosts of the event. We fully understand that for us to provide a fantastic catering service it will probably be you are not actually noticed by those who attended. Our goal is to host and cater, whether it be a wedding or funeral, and be unobtrusive to the guests.

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Wedding day catering

Wedding catering SurreyIt is estimated that about 10% of all engagements are made on Valentine’s Day, so if this is the case for you many congratulations on your great news. The bad news now is that this is where all the hard work begins. Finding a venue choosing address arranging the guests planning the honeymoon, there is so much involved with getting married.

One of the key aspects is obviously the catering on the day. You obviously want your special day to be remembered and for all your guests to have been fed with a great menu. This is where Buffets by Design stepping for you, we love weddings. And with the amount of experience in catering for them without pretty good at it too. We can cater for all size of wedding to suit you and your venue. Wedding catering has got to be at the top of the most enjoyable events of the year and we relish making sure that the big day goes according to plan.

We will work with you to make sure that you have created the perfect menu for the perfect day. We have such wide range and variety of menus for you to choose from that we can tailor to suit your exact needs. Our caterers are very experienced in hosting and serving at weddings that the whole event works like clockwork. Leaving nothing for you to worry about than the steps for your first dance.

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