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School packed lunch inspiration 

Ideas for packed lunched for the new term and school year ahead

So the children are back at school and, while our homes seem a little too quiet at the moment and we miss having them around, thousands of mums across Croydon and Surrey will be heaving a sigh of relief. That is, until it comes to trying to dream up inventive and nutritious packed lunches that children will enjoy and eat, rather than throwing away dry sandwiches or swapping the healthy choice that so much care has gone into for a chocolate biscuit in a friends box.

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Posted by Marie Winter September 19, 2014 Categories: Catering Finger Buffet Menu

Great British Bake Off European Cake Week 

Meet Herman - the German Friendship Cake

It was an exciting week in the Great British Bake Off tent this week. SPOILER ALERT - don’t read the next sentence if you haven’t seen it yet - No one went out! It was so close and, in the end, the judges couldn’t decide so kept all the bakers in to fight another week. All the cakes made this week looked amazing but hugely challenging. We loved the Princess Cake and the show stoppers were fantastic. They would be amazing centre pieces to a party buffet.

The topic of European cakes reminded us of a wonderful little cake that we remember our mums making and sharing - Herman, The German Friendship Cake. Herman could be served as part of a finger buffet. What is really wonderful, is that the cake grows from a yeast base which is then split into four, with one portion being baked up into the cake and three to be given to friends. Their portion then grows and is split into four and so one original base can be kept going and multiplying forever.

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Posted by Marie Winter September 11, 2014 Categories: cake Catering Croydon Recipe

Brad and Angelina’s family inspired wedding catering 

Let us help you create a family inspired wedding with memories to treasure forever

Surrey wedding catering outdoorsTHE big wedding story of the week this week is that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have finally tied the knot. You can’t move among the magazines and sofa TV shows this week without seeing pictures of Angelina Jolie’s stunning Versace wedding dress ,  complete with embroidered drawings from her five children; Maddox (13), Pax (10), Zahara (9), Shiloh (8) and twins Knox and Vivienne (6).

 While some people prefer not to have children at weddings at all, others believe a wedding would not be the same without them. Certainly, cute bridesmaids, flower girls and pageboys have been a central part of weddings for centuries. Having a special, family day was at the centre of Brad and Angelina’s wedding plans. Jolie is reported to have explained that she wanted the children to be part of every element of the wedding to represent the way the family live together. As well as their role in designing the wedding dress, the children played a huge part in the other main centre piece of the wedding by choosing the wedding catering

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Posted by Marie Winter September 09, 2014 Categories: canape Catering Croydon Surrey Wedding

Great British Bake Off Pies and Tarts Week 

The great british bake offAfter the drama of last week’s ‘Bin Gate,’ The Great British Bake Off  this week treated us to a master class in pastry with custard tarts, a poached pear wrapped in a spiral of puff pastry and some stunning show stopper tiered pies.

Pies as a centre piece are not something we see often these days but, in the seventeenth century, long before cake became the highlight of the buffet, the wedding catering  star was the bride pie. This was an elaborately decorated pie filled with sweet meats, believed to have aphrodisiac properties, mutton or mincemeat. Hidden in the pie was a glass ring and whoever found it in their portion would be the next to be married.

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Posted by Marie Winter September 04, 2014 Categories: Party Pastry Wedding