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Tailored funeral catering  

From buffets to afternoon tea
Whilst we offer a range of different dishes from both our finger and fork buffets, we often get asked to provide a tailored catering service following a funeral. More and more families are wanting the food and drink to really reflect the personality of their loved one. They therefore choose to serve a favourite dish or create a theme around a preferred cuisine. Perhaps it is a... read more
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Tea and Sympathy 

Funeral catering for your guests at this difficult time

Bereavement can be a very difficult time and the funeral day is a unique and mixed time of the comfort of seeing so many family and friends coming together and the sadness and heartbreak that the gathering is to say goodbye to someone who meant so much to  everyone.


It is often the immediate family of the loved one who has passed away who host the day and so have the responsibility of looking after and thanking guests with a suitable spreads good and drink at a time when it may be the most difficult to feel able to do so.  

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The history of the buffet – the original feast! 

Smorasboard Sandwich Buffet

The clue is in the title, buffet by name, Buffets by Design! We pride ourselves in offering a bespoke service for buffets and catering in Croydon and surrounding areas.

But where did buffet dining originate from? The dictionary definition of a buffet is “a meal consisting of several dishes from which guests serve themselves,” although more formal buffets may have people serving the guests’ choices from the main courses. The buffet as we know it today has an interesting history, bringing together culture and tradition from French Aristocracy and Swedish drinkers of schnapps.

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