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Great British Bake Off Final 

Buffets by design bake off cakeOur summary 


We at Buffets By Design are all feeling sad today that the Great British Bake Off is over but what a series it has been! We’ve seen some incredible bakes and we’re all feeling inspired.

It was a close competition this year but we were all pleased to see the lovely Nancy win. This week we learned that the posh word for croissants and other buttery, breakfast bakes is ‘viennoiserie’ and we were taken back to basics with a technical challenge to make mini scones, mini Victoria Sandwiches and mini tart au citron’s - all at the same time! We know too well the pressure of preparing multiple dishes at once when we put our party buffets together but to make three bakes from scratch, in a competition! We were impressed!

The show stopper was an amazing ‘piece montee’ which was a sculpture made up of sponge, caramel, choux pastry and petit fours. We loved Nancy’s Moulin Rouge with the moving red caramel sales.

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Posted by Marie Winter October 09, 2014 Categories: cake Catering Croydon Recipe