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All things hummus  

We love hummus, this simple three ingredient dish can be the linchpin of a great finger buffet menu. And to tie in with International hummus day (13 May) and National vegetarian week (14-20 May) we thought we’d pay homage to this versatile dip. How we use hummus It may be right to assume that carrot and cucumber dippers are the norm for many hummus lovers, but let’s get a bit more... read more

A right Royal Wedding 

With the Royal wedding fast approaching and wedding fever gripping the nation, here we take a look at some top tips to consider when choosing your menu. 1. Season: Think about the season and whether you can incorporate this into your food. Picking seasonal dishes means the ingredients are at their best and tastiest. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have chosen their wedding cake flavour... read more
April 26, 2018 Categories: cake canape Catering Croydon Menu Wedding

Seasonal Dinner Parties 

Create a theme
A dinner party theme gives you great opportunity to use your imagination. Themes
can revolve around anything such as veggie or vegan through to sweet or savoury. It
can be a colour or a seasonal theme such as Halloween or Christmas.

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