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Seasonal Food Trends 

Winter catering
Like fashion, different food trends come and go depending on the season. This winter we want to make sure you have all the information on the latest food trends and ways to spice up your dishes. Seasonal fruit and veg One trend that has become increasingly popular is to source seasonal fruit and veg to make the best dishes for the time of year. Seasonal veg perfect for the winter... read more
March 02, 2018 Categories: Catering Croydon Finger Buffet Surrey Vegetarian

Tailored funeral catering  

From buffets to afternoon tea
Whilst we offer a range of different dishes from both our finger and fork buffets, we often get asked to provide a tailored catering service following a funeral. More and more families are wanting the food and drink to really reflect the personality of their loved one. They therefore choose to serve a favourite dish or create a theme around a preferred cuisine. Perhaps it is a... read more
March 02, 2018 Categories: Catering Croydon Funeral

Seasonal Dinner Parties 

Create a theme
A dinner party theme gives you great opportunity to use your imagination. Themes
can revolve around anything such as veggie or vegan through to sweet or savoury. It
can be a colour or a seasonal theme such as Halloween or Christmas.

... read more
Posted by Marie Winter October 23, 2017 Categories: Catering Croydon Halloween Menu