Great British Bake Off Final 

Buffets by design bake off cakeOur summary 


We at Buffets By Design are all feeling sad today that the Great British Bake Off is over but what a series it has been! We’ve seen some incredible bakes and we’re all feeling inspired.

It was a close competition this year but we were all pleased to see the lovely Nancy win. This week we learned that the posh word for croissants and other buttery, breakfast bakes is ‘viennoiserie’ and we were taken back to basics with a technical challenge to make mini scones, mini Victoria Sandwiches and mini tart au citron’s - all at the same time! We know too well the pressure of preparing multiple dishes at once when we put our party buffets together but to make three bakes from scratch, in a competition! We were impressed!

The show stopper was an amazing ‘piece montee’ which was a sculpture made up of sponge, caramel, choux pastry and petit fours. We loved Nancy’s Moulin Rouge with the moving red caramel sales.

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Posted by Marie Winter October 09, 2014 Categories: cake Catering Croydon Recipe

Great British Bake Advanced Dough 

Last night the Buffets By Design team enjoyed another fantastic episode of The Great British Bake Off  It was ‘Advanced Dough Week’ this week. Sounded a bit like an exam to us but it turned out to be all about enriched dough, such as sweet breads and doughnuts. We were gutted to see Martha go but her technical bake, the Povitica, was so raw it was inedible. In fact everyone, except Chetna who just happened to make a variant of the Povitica in the signature challenge, presented inedible, raw dough. Patience is the key when baking enriched dough. It needs to dry out in a long bake at a low temperature.

Of course, cooking doughnuts is much quicker with a quick deep fry and over cooking was more of a problem here. We loved Luis’ cocktail inspired doughnuts, especially his Baileys ones served in cocktail glasses with a shot of the drink itself. What a fantastic idea for a party buffet.

We have lots of fantastic sponges and cream cakes on our buffet catering menu If you fancy something a bit special for a party in Croydon or Surrey and feel inspired but Luis’ cocktail bakes then do get in touch and have a chat with us. We’ll see what we can do.

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Posted by Marie Winter October 01, 2014 Categories: Catering Party Pastry

School packed lunch inspiration 

Ideas for packed lunched for the new term and school year ahead

So the children are back at school and, while our homes seem a little too quiet at the moment and we miss having them around, thousands of mums across Croydon and Surrey will be heaving a sigh of relief. That is, until it comes to trying to dream up inventive and nutritious packed lunches that children will enjoy and eat, rather than throwing away dry sandwiches or swapping the healthy choice that so much care has gone into for a chocolate biscuit in a friends box.

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Great British Bake Off European Cake Week 

Meet Herman - the German Friendship Cake

It was an exciting week in the Great British Bake Off tent this week. SPOILER ALERT - don’t read the next sentence if you haven’t seen it yet - No one went out! It was so close and, in the end, the judges couldn’t decide so kept all the bakers in to fight another week. All the cakes made this week looked amazing but hugely challenging. We loved the Princess Cake and the show stoppers were fantastic. They would be amazing centre pieces to a party buffet.

The topic of European cakes reminded us of a wonderful little cake that we remember our mums making and sharing - Herman, The German Friendship Cake. Herman could be served as part of a finger buffet. What is really wonderful, is that the cake grows from a yeast base which is then split into four, with one portion being baked up into the cake and three to be given to friends. Their portion then grows and is split into four and so one original base can be kept going and multiplying forever.

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Posted by Marie Winter September 11, 2014 Categories: cake Catering Croydon Recipe