All things hummus

All things Hummus

We love hummus, this simple three ingredient dish can be the linchpin of a great finger buffet menu. And to tie in with International hummus day (13 May) and National vegetarian week (14-20 May) we thought we’d pay homage to this versatile dip.

How we use hummus

It may be right to assume that carrot and cucumber dippers are the norm for many hummus lovers, but let’s get a bit more creative. The traditional pairing of hummus and falafel is an easy and safe way to add to the hummus dipper choice. Pita chips – a baked pita sliced – makes for a tasty accompaniment. You can add more veg to the plate with sweet potato fries, sliced peppers, cauliflower, sugar snap peas and much more, all of which are good pairings and complement hummus well.

Try something new and add hummus to old favourites, swap the mayonnaise for hummus for a creative twist on traditional Deviled Eggs. And what better way to make a wrap more interesting than to use hummus as the main spread. It’s a tasty change from the usual wraps you’re used too. Pack the wrap with fillings such as avocado, grilled halloumi, veggies, or even a couple of falafels. So, go ahead and make your next lunchtime wrap unique and exciting!

Pimp my hummus

Chickpeas, tahini and olive oil aren’t the limit to this middle eastern classic dish. Here’s some inspiration to pimp your hummus!

  • A chili dip is a popular option which you can serve with an array of different flavoured tortilla chips.
  • Adding lemon and coriander will give the dip a light and fresh taste perfect alongside various veggie dippers.
  • Experiment with different flavourings and spices, it’s hard to go wrong with hummus. Sprinkle in some garlic, paprika or cumin and serve with pita chips and falafels.

Why Hummus is so great

The use of hummus not only tastes good but due to the chickpeas being jampacked with the important protein your body needs, hummus might be a healthy alternative to some of the spreads or dips you already use. By mixing and matching the dips and dippers each time you make the dish, you’ll be constantly creating different flavourings, making it pretty much impossible for hummus to get boring.

Look at our finger buffet menu for all the things that can be used alongside hummus, such as tortilla chips and crunchy crudités, it could be used as a spread on our luxury sandwich platter or mini rolls. Contact us to chat about your event and menu choices.

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