Seasonal Food Trends

Spring catering

Spring seasonal food trends

For a long time, chefs have been vocal about eating seasonally. Spring brings a host of exciting foods to the table, our favourites include;

• Lamb

• Asparagus

• Spring onions

• Lettuce

• Leeks

• Spring Greens

• New potatoes

• Strawberries

• Rhubarb

Eat the seasons

Herbs and spices continue to dominate many of our dishes and complement these seasonal foods. Mint is not just for sauce with lamb, it works beautifully with new potatoes in a potato salad for example or perfect with asparagus and lemon for a fresh tasting risotto. Mint is also one of the big flavour markers for 2018*.

The trend for BBQ food seems never to let up, so why not take your usual Sunday roast and step outside and enjoy a seasonal BBQ with lamb. 

Seasonal food contains the nutrients, minerals and trace elements that our bodies need at particular times of the year. Check out sites like to find out what's in season and start to think about what you're buying when prepping your weeks food. 

But, it's not just about home cooking, what about thinking of creating a theme for your party around seasonal food?   

At Buffets by Design we use fresh, locally sourced food where possible. If you’re looking to host a function, talk to us about how we can provide a tailored menu incorporating seasonal choices. Call us on 020 8651 2338.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Source: * 

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