Catering for the flexitarian

​​Catering for the flexitarian

It was recently reported that Quorn Foods said its global growth in the first half of this year, with sales up 19% worldwide, was helped by the rise of the "flexitarian" diet*.

With flexitarianism already predicted as a key food trend for this year, we take a closer look at what this diet means, especially if you’re planning a catered function.  

Flexitarian diet

Following a flexitarian diet is all about cutting back on meat consumption. It is described as a plant-based diet but having the flexibility to add meat to occasional meals. More and more people are dedicating certain days to being vegetarian or vegan (which means no meat, dairy or any animal produce). People find it helps them reduce the amount of meat, without having to give up meat for good. Red meat for example is high in fat so some people may reduce consumption because of health reasons. People are also buying more organic or free-range meat, as well as there being a growing awareness about meat consumption on the environment.

Flexitarianism is also helped by campaigns such as #MeatFreeMonday. This has been successful in getting people to switch to a vegetarian meal at least once a week since it was started by Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney in 2009.

Seasonal veg and trends

Having a vegetarian meal one day a week also gets you thinking about what’s in season and how creative you can be with your dishes. So, get stocked up on veg like leeks, okra, peppers, pumpkins and turnips because they are at their best in October.

The Food People’s Food & Beverage trends for 2017, while predicting traditional meat trends such as ‘barbecue’ and ‘burger phenomenon’, also forecast a strong focus on the ‘bare necessities’ including ‘plant based bias’, ‘free from’, and ‘grasses and grains’.

With these trends set to continue, you can talk to us about catering for vegetarians at your function. We have a host of tasty buffet options that will give your guests a great choice of vegetarian options across different menus. Our Quorn croissant ring in the cold fork buffet is a hugely popular choice and works beautifully with our salads such as wild rice with orange & cucumber and pasta with roasted vegetables. While our hot fork buffet menu includes choices of an aubergine, tomato and feta bake as well as an indulgent vegetarian lasagne.

We offer various menus to suit different taste buds, dietary needs, occasions and budgets, give us a call on 020 8651 2338 to discuss your requirements.

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