The rise and rise of the humble sandwich

Despite the ever-growing list of cuisines available to us, the humble sandwich is still a firm favourite. Morning, noon or night we can find an excuse to have a sandwich. And, with such a huge variety of fillings available which answer the latest trends or dietary requirements, it can live up to anyone’s standards.

In recent research by Birds Eye to find the nation’s top 50 sandwiches, the classic cheese and ham was declared the most popular with 35.5% of people aged 18-44 voting for it. This was closely followed by tuna and cucumber, BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato) and chicken with mayonnaise. But why has the sandwich stood the test of time?

The vast choice of fillings and bread available have made sandwiches a popular staple that are perfect for a variety of occasions from weddings and parties through to corporate events and funerals. From a classic tuna and cucumber for a corporate event, or the royal family favourite of soft cheese and salmon for a classy afternoon tea, it is no wonder we Brits can get through a massive 11.5 billion sandwiches every year*.

The traditional sandwich has also evolved in recent years with the trend for Scandinavian inspired open sandwiches gaining popularity. Using speciality bread such as sourdough or rye, the single slice of bread is layered with toppings such as pickled herring or roast beef. This is set off beautifully by a garnish such as dill or pickles, which complement all components.

Dietary requirements are also influencing sandwich fillings with vegan flatbreads, wraps and buns packed with falafel, pickles and houmous being in demand.

At Buffets by Design, we help to increase the number of sandwiches consumed each year due to our popular finger buffet menus featuring luxury sandwich platters with specialty breads including mini rolls and pitta or miniature bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese.

View the rest of our menus here.

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